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Are you ready for the most exciting move of your career? Can you work in Saudi Arabia? Here is your opportunity! Our client company needs a range of skills to support the management and development of its business, which includes major development, construction and maintenance projects, and we are inviting you to apply.

We are inviting INITIAL EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST in one particular area.

We expect that we will need to recruit ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHERS in spring 2019.  We need qualified applicants for immediate review and possible shortlisting.  However we do not yet have a confirmed timeframe for when the interviews will take place.

These openings are for an initial 12-month contract commencing June 2019 or sooner. You will work at a range of locations across Saudi Arabia, and an extremely attractive salary is on offer.

The salary is highly competitive, ranging from $6,000 per month to significantly higher, and paid monthly tax free. Your flight out will be paid for and you will be entitled to 36 days’ paid vacation (plus travel time) inclusive of flights. You will receive all the benefits which permanent staff of this company are entitled to.

The salary range is indicative. Your experience and existing salary and benefits will be taken into account if you are made an offer. Whatever your current salary level may be, you can be sure that any offer will be a significant step up from your current or most recent package. So a year in Saudi Arabia will be a unique and rewarding experience in every way.

You can’t miss this one. Send us your CV today, come to London in spring 2019 for interview, and take up a position in Saudi Arabia in summer 2019.