Current positions in Italy

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Want to look a million in Milan? Thinking of roaming around Rome? All the opportunities – and more – are here (so long as you don’t mind doing a bit of teaching too). Check the menu bar to the right for your next opportunity.

The people we need

The most sought-after candidates are those who have a native level quality of English, are fully qualified with a CELTA/Trinity TESOL and who have at lest some experience. Willingness to work with young learners is often a plus. A current police check is also a plus, although not essential. A driving licence is often required too. Our ads provide full details of requirements.

In terms of your personal qualities, you need to be flexible, friendly, energetic and willing.

Work through Evocation under a British contract

For British citizens taking up their first position in Italy, we can usually offer a British contract – this means you work overseas through us, thereby ensuring your UK contributions record is maintained. We will pay you either to your UK bank account or to your Italian account when you have it. Whichever it is, you will be paid the net amount agreed in your contract, and that will be the same as your Italian counterparts at the same school are earning.

Timing and applying

Contracts in Italy usually run to the end of June and start either in September/October or in January. But a good teacher is welcome at any time. If you wish us to consider you, please send your CV to, clearly stating that you are interested in Italy and stating when you can start.

Please look at specific opportunities shown on our job listings. Use the Apply Online button to get your application seen by our team. Remember, we still need to have your CV please.

We also encourage you to enter your key details and desires online on Evocation’s main site. This delivers your key details direct to our consultants and gets you straight to the top of the queue.

If you don’t meet the criteria

Please, don’t waste your time (and ours) by applying. There really is no point. So please do not apply if –

  • you are from outside the EU (we cannot get visas if you are from the US, Canada etc)
  • you only hold a TEFL gained wholly or mainly online (the schools will not accept it)
  • you have no TEFL at all (a complete non-starter for any teaching position)
  • you are over normal retirement age (we are sorry but the schools will not consider you)

Make sure the job suits you

Please note that all our job outlines are based on our best understanding direct from the schools and are not part of a contract in any way. You need to check for yourself that you understand the terms and conditions and are happy with them. If the school likes your CV, you will have the chance to ask any questions when they interview you by phone or by Skype. However, if you see an ad listed here – it is for a real position in a real school, and they really need the teachers.

We wish you success in Italy!