How to apply

For all Evocation jobs, please send us your CV by email. We prefer CVs in Word format. Please be sure that your CV (or covering email) provides all your contact details, in other words telephone numbers, email address and home address.

The information you provide about your qualifications should be full and complete, including the dates when you gained them.

Please make clear which job you are applying for. You are welcome to provide a full covering letter (by email or attachment) if you wish.

You may send all applications to –

  • (teacher positions)
  • (engineer positions in KSA)
  • (teaching positions in KSA)
  • (all other positions)

We may not be able to reply to all applications. If you do not hear back from us, this means your application has been unsuccessful. If we do reply asking for additional information, please send it in full as this will reduce delay and improve your chances.

We wish you success with your applications to Evocation.